Jack Anthony is a Photographer and Creative Director.


Seeing art as a means of exploration in the human condition, Jack has spent his years in photography blending the worlds of the natural and the artificial.  His key themes center on the integration of humanity's nature into a society built without its origins in mind.

The concept of drowning, whether through physical forms in water, or through the overwhelming nature of existence, is often present.  The choice of submission into this chaos repeats in both theme and proposed question in his works.

His work centers on the mix between the fantastical and the documentary, and blurs this line through his portraiture, blending his exploration of sexuality, human nature, and what it means to embrace the chaos.


With home bases both in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina and Brooklyn, New York, Jack travels internationally for work in editorial portraiture and in the film industry.

He created Jack Anthony Studio, LLC to have both a physical studio location in downtown Asheville to house his work, and an overarching brand to encompass his work worldwide.

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